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My Girlfriend is Pregnant

Worry. Anxiety. Panic. All these emotions must be running through your head right now.  Neither of you expected a pregnancy to happen.  You are both scared out of your minds, but now is not the time to panic or quickly make a decision that will affect you...

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Think You Might Be Pregnant?

Even before you miss a period, there are some possible signs you may be pregnant:Nausea Breast tenderness Fatigue or exhaustion Increased sensitivity to food smells Lightheadedness or headaches Mood swings Constipation Increase or frequent urinationThese symptoms don’t mean that you are pregnant, though. It is important to take a pregnancy test if...

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If you are having sex with one or more partners, think about your exposure to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), or infections (STIs).Make sure you have all the facts for your own healthy decision-making.The United States has an epidemic of STDs. According to the Centers for Disease...

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