Our Services

We are a non-profit medical organization serving women facing unplanned pregnancies. Because we have community support, all services are offered at no cost. All client information is private and confidential.

At Mosaic Virginia®, we believe that you owe it to yourself to be fully informed, to make the best decisions for yourself.

Pregnancy Services

  • A trained registered nurse will administer a laboratory-grade pregnancy test. If the test is positive, and depending on her assessment, she may offer a limited obstetrical ultrasound exam to confirm the pregnancy.
  • A trained volunteer (your advocate) will listen to your concerns and questions, with respect and no judgments.
  • The nurse and advocate will offer accurate information about pregnancy and sexual health. We provide a safe environment for you to discuss what concerns you.
  • Community referrals are offered, and you will make your own decision plan.

Support for Parents

  • Material needs assistance and encouragement
  • Individualized education for both mothers and fathers on women’s prenatal care, childbirth, parenting, and other life skills
  • Community referrals

Support After Abortion

  • A group program, and a path towards restoration, for those who are experiencing unresolved feelings following an abortion.
  • A safe and confidential environment for women to speak openly about their past abortions with others who share similar experiences.

Sexual Health Education

  • Presentations available on-site to youth or adult groups in Northern Virginia
  • Scientifically-based curriculum covering aspects of human sexuality and relationships in a frank and forthright manner

STD Testing and Treatment

  • Limited sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing and treatment is available.
  • A trained registered nurse will administer laboratory-grade STD testing.
  • If the test is positive, the nurse will offer a free treatment.
  • Retesting, upon completion of treatment will be offered.