(Thank to one of Mosaic’s supporters for sharing her thoughts on this year’s March for Life.)

“I wanted to share a few things on my heart today.

Today is the 44th Annual March for Life in DC started after the 1973 court decision of Roe v. Wade that legalized abortion in our country.

I have been at the March For Life since I was 15 years old. I have missed some but pretty consistently showed up for 36 years in DC during rain, snow or shine and many years with kids in tow. My life is rich, full, blessed and so complete because three amazingly strong women chose life when the situation was very, very hard. My 3 girls and now sweet grandson are my life and pure joy to me and Stuart Engel

Whenever I do something I try to go deep with my WHY since that is where we get our passion, purpose and we can make a difference in the world.

Here’s my Why…..

I March in honor of birth mothers today who chose life and experienced deep loss and pain while sacrificing for another. They are unsung heroes.

I March for the 57M+ babies we lost in our country since 1973 and the millions of babies around the world who never got a chance at life. God knows and sees them. They were loved.

I March for those in an unplanned pregnancy now and in the future. My heart surrounds your heart with love, prayers and hopes you find the support you need to choose life. Call a local pregnancy center like Mosaic Virginia. There is help. Be strong.

I March for all adoptive parents and children – forever families who love and support each other through joy, pain and life. I know my family has touched heavenly love on this earth which is so much bigger than biology.

I March for all those women who felt that their only choice was abortion and who suffer with the pain of that loss today. My heart joins your heart. You are so loved and I pray you feel mercy and love from those at this March today. We are for you and not against. You are welcome here.

I March for the Dads who seem left out of everything. Dads that cannot even have a say if their child is aborted yet we as a society expect them to be good and honorable men.

I March for abortion workers and those who think Planned Parenthood can help. I am saddened by the lies and deception in the abortion industry. Abby Johnson who is speaking today can share her truth and help you out of that industry.

I March for all life from conception until natural death, for the immigrants in fear right now in our country, for the oppressed in other countries, for the hungry, the hurting, those in pain and those persecuted for their faith. We are all children of God and citizens of heaven. We have to be there for each other.

And finally I March for all women. We were made in the image and likeness of God and we have his blessed mother Mary as our role model. We are life giving and love giving and the heart of our homes and society. May we not judge each other but join together as wives, moms, grandmas, daughters, sisters and aunts supporting and loving each other in joy and pain and celebrating our feminine genius! Will you join me?

My March is my prayer. I offer it to you Lord today!”


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