YOU DO! We all do, whether we realize it or not. Power is about believing in your own personal worth enough to ask clearly and with confidence to be treated with value and respect by others.  It means NOT allowing yourself to be pressured or bullied into lowering your standards or values. It is to understand that the choices you make are yours to own. Power is the ability to create positive change in your life for the better! Positive changes you make today can alter your future trajectory for the better.

The most powerful way to give away your power is to first…think you don’t have any! Giving away your power can happen if you lower your viewpoint of yourself and lower your standards and begin to live to please others to your own detriment. Often if a person doesn’t feel worthy of being loved and accepted they may go overboard trying to please everyone by doing things they don’t really want to do, or by saying yes when they are really feeling they should say no! Not standing up for you and not setting boundaries that are healthy for you can set you up to be taken advantage of. YOU must learn to believe in yourself and accept yourself for your own intrinsic value! Taking charge of your own power can begin by learning to believe, you have unique gifts, talents and purposes and by examining whether your values are life affirming. You have the power within you to teach people how to treat you with respect by presenting yourself as a person of value and by standing UP for your own life affirming values. Owning your power is really about owning your freedom. You must take responsibility for your choices. You have the power to change what is not healthy for you.

If you have given away your power, you can take it back.  It’s still yours.  Own it!