Our world is filled with signs. Signs in stores, street signs, signs on the highway.  All signs meant to inform us, to get us to take action or to avoid danger. Ignoring signs can have a detrimental effect.  For example, would you speed up or slow down when a highway sign alerts you to dangerous curves ahead?

Just as in life, there are signs in our dating relationships to which we should pay attention. One sign could be in the form of a heart-to-heart conversation with someone who loves us, telling us that they are concerned about the person we are dating. Another sign could be a feeling, deep down, that the person you are dating is not treating you well.  Often, we dismiss gnawing feelings about people in our lives for various reasons. Perhaps that person may just have had a bad day. Perhaps, it is just a phase and it’ll pass. Perhaps if we stick it out, problems will go away.  However, like ignoring road signs, ignoring an unhealthy relationship can cause serious problems down the road. The boyfriend who laughs and says he was only playing around when he pushes you for saying something silly about him in front of friends, could turn out to be physically abusive. The girlfriend who is overly flirtatious with all your friends and says she’s just being friendly could turn out to be unfaithful.

Like warning signs on the highway, warning signs in your dating life rarely turn out to be nothing. Take concerns from loved ones seriously and trust that the people who know you well and love you are looking out for your best interest.  People who love us don’t tell us things to make us miserable. They tell us so we can avoid pain in our lives.  Trust yourself, your instincts to avoid harmful situations or people, and your gut feelings.  Heeding signs on the highway helps you reach your destination.  Heeding signs in your dating life helps get you to your healthy relationship goals.