Take a minute and breathe.  Take another minute and do it again.  You never expected to be in this situation, a baby on the way was not what you had planned.  Life WILL change.  And although we know that everything that means might be overwhelming to you right now, it doesn’t have to be.


You are receiving a lot of advice and information from varied and unexpected sources, and though all of it is very well-intentioned, take a moment and focus on the practical for now.  The things you can put on a list:  things you can check off and mark as DONE.  Often narrowing down the scope of the things you need to accomplish and breaking them down can help you begin to plan.  In times of stress reaching for the things you CAN control can make a World of difference and make an overwhelming situation a little less frightening.


Start your practical check-list by taking full advantage of any free resources offered by Mosaic. Come in and meet one-on-one with an advocate who understands your concerns in a private, quiet and non-judgmental environment.  Let us help you to make the best decisions for yourself using our free resources and referrals.  Gather your support system, family, friends, the baby’s father if possible, and begin compiling a list of the actual supplies you will need.  Remember, breathe.  Don’t panic.  Not all of it needs to be gathered immediately, so slow and steady.  You have time.


Diapers are first order of business, along with crib and car seat.  Resources such as our “Baby Bucks” earned through our Earn While You Learn Program is a good way to buy new (and safe) baby equipment.   In this program, you will meet with an advocate bi-weekly to discuss concerns, take one-on-one parenting classes and receive guidance in financial management, earning “Baby Bucks” along the way to shop in our client boutique.  Also, use apps like What to Expect, Glow Baby – Baby Tracker, iPregnant, and others found here:  Today’s Parent.  You have time to explore and see what will work best for you.


  1. Breathe.
  2. Remember that everyone who is offering you advice is trying to help; you are under no obligation to take any of it unless it helps YOU.
  3. Mine your FREE resources.  Use Mosaic.  Sign up for Earn While You Learn.  We are here SPECIFICALLY to help you.  You are not alone.
  4. Focus on the practical “To-Do.”  These are the things you can control.   Download apps and give yourself time to find what works for you and what provides you the most useful information for the ensuing months.


Remember, we are here for you if you need us.  We can help you drown out the noise and quell your fear.  Let’s focus.  Life will change.  Challenges will arise.  But you can rise to meet them.