Who do you text when you have news to share?  Whether its big news or the everyday business of living, you can immediately think of the person or people you use as a sounding board.  Now imagine if you have hard news to share.  Are these the same people?  What if, when you discover you’re pregnant, you have yet another group of women who can be your safety net for all things practical?

We understand that this is a very difficult and confusing time, well-meaning advice will come your way from those in your inner-circle as well as unexpected sources.  This might be a good time to reach out a little further and contact Mosaic.  We realize that it’s not easy to open up to new people, especially when you are feeling frightened.  However, there is sometimes no bigger comfort than the practical approach of experts in their field who can offer the help you need to begin to focus on the path ahead.

When you call Mosaic, you will be able to make a one-on-one appointment with a client advocate who will keep everything you say strictly confidential.  This is a person whose main objective is LISTENING, and above all, helping you sort through all of the different concerns and fears that are weighing heavy on your mind and heart.  This is YOUR time to say what you feel and let us help you find your path.

Additionally, if your partner is willing, we have mentoring by men, for men.  It can be overlooked sometimes, in the heat of the emotions that you are struggling with, that they are feeling the weight of this news too.  The ability for both of you to come to a place of safe harbor and non-judgement, free-of-charge, cannot be overstated.  You have a lot on your mind, let us help you with your heart.

The most important thing for you to know, to know deep in your soul, is that you’re not alone.  We know how cloudy your mind and heart can feel, let us help you come out of that fog.  You are never alone as long as we are here.  Call us, we can and WILL help.  That is our promise to you.