Valentine’s Day isn’t Just for People in Relationships

February 13, 2018Family, Love, Loving Yourself

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for people in relationships. It’s a day to celebrate and acknowledge love.  Love for your significant other, sure. Love for your family, of course. Love for the world around you, your favorite item, your favorite song or food, why not?  Love is Love.  And most importantly, February 14th and everyday should … Read More

Fine tune the YOU that already IS

February 6, 2018Family, Life, Life Challenges, Relationships

It’s the time of year when everyone vows that THIS is the year they will be better at EVERYTHING.  New and Improved.  The fact is, this goal is not only limiting, but also essentially contradictory.  If you’re “new”, how can you be “improved”?   A better YOU is always a good idea; after all, who doesn’t … Read More