Valentine’s Day isn’t just for people in relationships. It’s a day to celebrate and acknowledge love.  Love for your significant other, sure. Love for your family, of course. Love for the world around you, your favorite item, your favorite song or food, why not?  Love is Love.  And most importantly, February 14th and everyday should be about loving yourself.

Love yourself for your imperfections which make you unique. Love yourself for all that you’ve accomplished – whether easily or while overcoming obstacles. Love yourself for every scar on your body, every relationship you’ve ever had, for every limitation handed your way – physical, financial and mental. Everything that makes you, YOU deserve praise, for they are all chapters in the story of your life, and everyone loves a good book.

We have days, sometimes even weeks when it’s hard to love ourselves. When nothing seems right or feels right. When we get too down on ourselves for anything and everything; when it’s hard to pretend the sun is shining as you splash through mud puddles in your favorite new peep-toe shoes. those days – when we can’t find an ounce of optimism, it’s those days when we need to put our critical selves to bed and love ourselves even more. Give yourself patience and grace when you have a bad day (or 5) for saying the wrong thing or reacting quickly in the wrong way. Remember that you are perfect in your imperfections. And if your love for yourself is fading, make it your priority to do something about it. Make it a priority to schedule time for yourself so you can fall in love with YOU all over again. Take time alone to enjoy your favorite pastime. Go for a walk or take a nap. Watch the sunset. Read a book or learn something new. Get creative. Treat yourself to a pedicure, a movie or a bubble bath. Eat fruit for breakfast but ice cream for dinner.


Laugh a lot.

Visit a pet shelter and steal some puppy kisses or kitty cuddles. Turn your phone off and stop comparing yourself to other people. Buy yourself a new top and give yourself extra love points for finding your new treasure on super-sale or at a thrift store. Buy a notebook and keep track of your goals and accomplishments. Write them all down – even something like sending a note card to an old friend because that’s an accomplishment. Looking back on this list, knowing that you’ve taken the time to show love to others will help you to see that you are worthy of self-love. Start a new morning mediation routine – focusing on staying positive and loving yourself – taking a break from the world and remembering to breathe.

Just breathe.

Embrace challenges and changes and love yourself as you evolve into the person you are becoming. Face obstacles straight ahead as something that’s getting you closer to who you are meant to be – your best version of yourself. Embracing change and who you ARE and who you are becoming is a lovely thing.  Look in the mirror tonight. Wash off the day and tell yourself, “I love you.” And as you lay down to sleep, believe it and feel it in your bones. February 14th is your day. Own it. Be loved.