An unplanned pregnancy will change your life. And it happens too fast – often before you even know you’re expecting, your hormones have gone on a wild roller coaster ride and suddenly your emotions don’t belong to you. Spoiler alert – it’s your body’s way of preparing for all the emotional turbulence that lies ahead – the nervousness of keeping your baby safe, wondering if your baby is eating enough, is he/she warm enough? Then the trust of leaving the baby with a caretaker when you go back to work, not to mention the first time they don’t stop crying for no reason, and then they start to walk and they fall…they fall learning how to walk, they fall on the playground, during their first sports game, and then they fall in love with someone that is not you.

Oh, the nervousness that comes with being a parent crawls up your spine like a spider spinning a web. But spoiler alert #2, it is TOTALLY worth it! Every roller coaster ride of being pregnant and being a parent, while scary will fill your heart with an unmeasurable magnitude of love that compares to nothing else.

Bringing a life into this world teaches you without lesson how to love unconditionally. It gives you THE reason to work harder, a focus for your goals and something to look forward to. It’s a hug at the end of a bad day and a snuggle to remind you that you’ll never again be alone.

Being a parent changes your life. It will force you to be responsible for finances. It will remind you that you are the example to another human. You are the first teacher of rules, a moral compass and boundaries, and the giver of respect and everlasting friendship. You are the teacher of healthy eating and the importance of reading and bedtimes. You are the creator of tradition and the giver of safety.

Nothing great comes without sacrifice. Rewards are not won without work.

An unplanned pregnancy will change your life. It’s life’s greatest surprise. It’s being given a gift before you think you’re ready to receive it. It’s going on a wild roller coaster ride every day without waiting in line. It’s the hardest and easiest job that you didn’t fill out an application for. You won’t be promoted, but you will be paid in the greatest value of all things…Love. You are the only one that will have this experience – planned or not, so hold on and enjoy the ride.