“I appreciated the way that they tied in spiritual values into their medical advice and counseling.” – Selyna 


Everyone was open and helpful, they didn’t judge my insecurities.” – Stephany 


“They were very helpful and made me feel wonderful about God and being pregnant.” – Andrea 


Aubrey, a Mosaic Baby

Stephany and Kyle’s Story

When we found out we were pregnant, I freaked out. I had no experience with children, and Matt and I don’t have parents or a support system here in Virginia. Plus, I’d always been told I wouldn’t be able to have children.

Before we made a decision about the pregnancy, we wanted to get an ultrasound. My friend told me about Mosaic, and we made an appointment. The first time we saw Aubrey on the ultrasound, it became real. We thought, wow, this is really happening. We found out that Aubrey was healthy, and our advocate counselor helped us to feel confident and supported as parents.

We began to attend Earn While You Learn each week where our advocate helped us to figure out a birth plan, our housing and work situations, and got us connected with the hospital where Aubrey would be born. We went from scared to instantly excited.

Through Earn While You Learn, we even received marital counseling, and decided to move from dating to marriage before our baby was born. We planned our ceremony on a Wednesday, and got married just a few hours after our Earn While You Learn appointment at Mosaic!

Donors should know how big an impact Mosaic has on new parents like us. We don’t know where we’d be without this ministry. We wouldn’t be as happy as we are today without Mosaic.




Happy Anniversary to us.

 In 1994, a small group of concerned individuals recognized the need for a safe place where women facing an unplanned pregnancy could find compassionate, tangible help and support.

Today, thanks to the support of donors like you, Mosaic Virginia celebrates 25 years. Twenty-five years of commitment to helping women make informed decisions about the sanctity of life, faith in Jesus Christ and sexual integrity, all in a loving and confidential manner.

Our desire is to inform, support and empower women in crisis pregnancy situations to make knowledgeable life affirming decisions, while sharing the love of Christ with them. Our services are free, private, and confidential. We offer our clients free pregnancy tests, free limited ultrasounds, free STI testing, advocate support, ongoing assistance for those who choose to parent their child, sexual health & integrity education, and post abortion support.  Mosaic has helped hundreds of women make a choice for life over the last twenty-five years through the generous support of our donors and our community. 

Through the provision of God’s people and the community at large, women may face the future with hope and plan constructively for themselves and their babies. Mosaic is committed to continue creating awareness within the local community of the needs of pregnant women and of the fact that abortion only compounds human need rather than resolving it.

Our promise is simple: We’ll be a safe place—a place where someone will listen; a place of acceptance and compassion; a place to ask questions and get honest answers; a place where relationships can result in something beautiful. Thank you for playing a role in that something beautiful for 25 years. You are our heroes and life champions. Happy Anniversary to us.