Beautiful Together

At Mosaic we believe in the power of relationships.

We believe relationships matter—they shape our lives as nothing else can. They have made us who we are, and they are shaping who we will become. Relationships have the power to encourage us, to enable us to be our best, and to empower us to make decisions that improve our lives and the lives of those around us.

Unfortunately, relationships also have the power to be discouraging and damaging. They can drag us down. They can influence us to make decisions that lead to regret and brokenness. As we serve our community, we see the pain caused by unhealthy relationships and the feeling many experience of being trapped by circumstances. Sometimes those circumstances are a result of our choosing, but sometimes things out of our control force them upon us. Either way, we often let those relationships and circumstances begin to define us.

At Mosaic, we have the privilege of coming alongside some of our neighbors who make the brave decision to come to us for help. We invite them to come in, sit down and share their story. Maybe it’s an unexpected pregnancy, or a struggle with a past pregnancy decision. Perhaps it’s a sexual health issue, and sometimes it’s an expecting mom or dad who is feeling overwhelmed and underprepared at the thought of being a parent—or being a parent again. We welcome them all with open arms. We do this by offering community funded and confidential medical services, peer mentoring and educational opportunities to our community in Loudoun county.

Our promise is simple: We’ll be a safe place—a place where someone will listen; a place of acceptance and compassion; a place to ask questions and get honest answers; a place where relationships can result in something beautiful.