Offering support is what we do best at Mosaic Virginia. We understand that this is a time of

of uncertainty – not knowing what to expect or how to prepare for something you didn’t plan for. We also understand that many times, when facing an unplanned pregnancy, you may not have support of the birth father or your family and friends.

At Mosaic Virginia, every client that walks through our door is invited to sit down and share their story with an Advocate. This advocate will walk them through what to expect at their appointment and will be a listening ear for questions and concerns in a private, confidential setting. Many times, our clients become like family to our advocate counselors.

Following the appointment, if the client chooses to terminate the pregnancy, they’ll be invited to schedule time with our post-abortion counselor, to help discuss or work through any feelings they may be having about the procedure. Post-abortion counseling is no-cost to our clients.

If the client chooses to continue their pregnancy and parent the child, the advocate counselor will invite them to sign up for our Earn While You Learn and Life skills program. (link to EWYL page). The program has certified counselors available, specializing in pregnancy, personal, relationship and family counseling. Once enrolled in Earn While You Learn, they’ll be appointed a certified counselor that will design a program based on the clients emotional, material and educational needs.

Mosaic Virginia also recognizes the importance of the birth father in the pregnancy decision process, and in the life and support of the pregnancy, delivery and raising of the child. Because of this, Male Advocates are appointed to sit down with the birth fathers or male partners of our clients, to answer any questions, help ease any anxiety and to act as support for the male in this difficult time.

To schedule an appointment with any of our advocate counselors, call 703-729-1123 or email