Training for your first 5K

March 28, 2019Health and Wellness, Life, Loving Yourself, Uncategorized
The weather is getting warmer, days are getting longer and 5K’s are springing up all over Loudoun County. If you’re not currently active, signing up for your first 5K can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. Just like anything else new, training for a 5K can be exciting and easy. Follow our steps [...]

Chances are, you could have an STI.

July 18, 2018Life, Life Challenges, Loving Yourself, STDs
Do you know what an STI is? STI could easily mean “Silent Transmitted Infection”, but in reality an STI is a “Sexually Transmitted Infection”.  And very common at that — more than half of our population will get an STI or STD at some time in our lives. Contracting an STI doesn’t happen from poor [...]

How do I know I’m in a Healthy Relationship?

June 6, 2018Life, Love, Loving Yourself, Relationships
The exposure of abusive relationships from public figures and entertainment personalities has caused birth to hashtags movements like #NOMORE, #TIMESUP, and #METOO.  The need for these movements confirms that many of us haven’t grown up in a house with good examples of what a healthy relationship looks like. This leaves us wondering if the relationship [...]

Post – Abortion Recovery and Healing

March 13, 2018Life
Abortion. It’s a controversial word. A controversial act. A legal debacle. It’s debated and discussed as much as gun rights. Ending it is the literal heartbeat of human rights movements across the nation. While keeping it legal, the outcome of Roe versus Wade in 1973, is the focus of just as many liberal rights groups [...]

Fine tune the YOU that already IS

February 6, 2018Family, Life, Life Challenges, Relationships
It’s the time of year when everyone vows that THIS is the year they will be better at EVERYTHING.  New and Improved.  The fact is, this goal is not only limiting, but also essentially contradictory.  If you’re “new”, how can you be “improved”?   A better YOU is always a good idea; after all, who doesn’t [...]