Chances are, you could have an STI.

July 18, 2018Life, Life Challenges, Loving Yourself, STDs

Do you know what an STI is? STI could easily mean “Silent Transmitted Infection”, but in reality it is a “Sexually Transmitted Infection”.  And very common at that — more than half of our population will get an STI or STD at some time in our lives. Contracting an sexually transmitted infection doesn’t happen from … Read More

How do I know I’m in a Healthy Relationship?

June 6, 2018Life, Love, Loving Yourself, Relationships

The exposure of abusive relationships from public figures and entertainment personalities has caused birth to hashtags movements like #NOMORE, #TIMESUP, and #METOO.  The need for these movements confirms that many of us haven’t grown up in a house with good examples of what a healthy relationship looks like. This leaves us wondering if the relationship … Read More

Valentine’s Day isn’t Just for People in Relationships

February 13, 2018Family, Love, Loving Yourself

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for people in relationships. It’s a day to celebrate and acknowledge love.  Love for your significant other, sure. Love for your family, of course. Love for the world around you, your favorite item, your favorite song or food, why not?  Love is Love.  And most importantly, February 14th and everyday should … Read More