If you think you might be pregnant, one of the most natural things to do is to start looking for signs of pregnancy. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the most common early pregnancy signs and symptoms. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, schedule…


Are you pregnant but not sure exactly when you conceived? Ultrasound is the most accurate way to determine how far along you are in your pregnancy. Ultrasound exams provide images and include various measurements of your developing baby that can help estimate how many…



There are two main types of abortion: Medication abortion also called the abortion pill or a chemical abortion, can be taken up to 70 days (10 weeks) pregnant. A medication abortion requires two steps and involves two drugs, mifepristone and misoprostol. It is taken…


Abortion Pill, also known by other names – RU-486, Mifeprex (mifepristone), Cytotec (misoprostol). Usage – This drug regimen is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in women up to 10 weeks after the start of their last menstrual period…



Emotional side effects after an abortion are not uncommon. Counseling or support before you make a decision to have an abortion is very important. Women report a range of emotions after an abortion. This can include: depression, feelings of grief, anxiety, lowered self-esteem, regret…


When you’re sexually active, pregnancy is usually your greatest concern. While unplanned pregnancy is something to be concerned about, so are STIs (sexually transmitted infections). Learn the difference between STIs and STDs. If you think you may have contracted an STI, we offer free testing…


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The general rule of thumb is that a pregnancy test can be performed 14 days after sex. This assumes that sex occurred within 24 hours of ovulation. That is usually, but not always, true. The Mayo Clinic recommends waiting 1 week after a missed period. At Mosaic Virginia we will perform a test prior to missing your period, but a client with a negative result may be invited to return in 2 weeks for a repeat test if she has not had her period.

We do accept walk-in clients and will do our best to work you in depending on staffing.  To best serve you, it is best for you to request an appointment.

We are funded by community support, and there is no charge to clients.

No, but you will want to have complete information about how this will affect your body before you take it.  Set an appointment with our medical staff to get answers for your questions.

You probably know that you have the option of terminating your pregnancy (abortion), or carrying your pregnancy to term and either parenting or making an adoption plan. None of these choices are easy.  At Mosaic Virginia trained nurses and advocates will give you full information on each option for you to make your decision.

You will receive your pregnancy test results during your visit.

No. In many cases it is wise to involve your parents in your pregnancy decision, but we would not breach your confidentiality to tell your parents that you have been here.  If you wish to tell your parents about your pregnancy, our advocates can help you develop a plan for that important conversation.

No, we see women of all ages.

On-site limited ultrasound exams are performed by a nurse sonographer and reviewed by a physician when medically indicated. An ultrasound can confirm a viable pregnancy and determine how far along you are.

The nurse can discuss this with you, but 6 weeks since your last menstrual period is an approximate length of time.

You can still meet with an advocate and nurse to discuss your concerns and options.

There is no charge for our services to confirm your pregnancy.  We also can offer information about community resources for prenatal care.

Some women struggle with difficult emotions or behaviors following a pregnancy termination decision. Sometimes these feelings do not surface until months or years after their abortion. Our after-abortion care specialists can help you talk through pregnancy termination. You are not alone. You can find peace and hope again. Mosaic Virginia also offers Post Abortion Recovery support: https://mosaic-virginia.org/resources/support-abortion/