If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy, chances are you have many unanswered questions, questions that Wikipedia or Google may not be suited for.

At Mosaic Virginia, we offer medical consultations at no-cost for our clients. Why? Because we care about you and we understand the million thoughts and uncertainties swirling in your mind right now. Your consultation will begin with a free, medical grade pregnancy test. If your test is positive, our Nurse will evaluate you to see if you are eligible for a viability ultrasound. If you are, your ultrasound will be performed the same day, or you’ll be asked to schedule your ultrasound within the week(s) to follow.

At Mosaic, we are here to inform you of your options for your unplanned pregnancy and to empower you to make the best choice for your situation. When you schedule your consultation at Mosaic, know that you are in a private, judgement free environment. The discussion you have is between you, your advocate and our medical staff.

If you’re undecided about what to do about your pregnancy or are thinking that you would like to terminate your pregnancy with an abortion, your medical consultation at Mosaic will give you the opportunity to have your abortion questions answered. You may be wondering, “How much does an abortion cost?”, “What types of abortion am I eligible for”, or “Am I too far along to have an abortion?”.  These are important questions you will want to have answered before you schedule your abortion.  It is strongly suggested for your health and safety to have a viability ultrasound performed at least 24 hours before you have an abortion procedure. The ultrasound offered is at no-cost at Mosaic.

To have your medical questions answered, and to schedule your free pregnancy test and ultrasound, call 703-729-1123 or request an appointment online today.