An unplanned pregnancy may seem like a woman’s choice, but it is more than that. Your life will be changed as well. Men are affected by abortion decisions, as well as parenting and adoption choices. You have an opportunity to come alongside of your partner, listen to her, and be in this pregnancy together. You can play an important role.

At Mosaic, our volunteer Male Mentors are available to meet and discuss pregnancy options in a private, confidential setting. We also offer a free, on-going Male Mentor program for first time Fathers or existing Fathers looking for extra support and parental education. Should you and your partner carry your pregnancy to term, Mosaic is happy to be with you every step of the way.

Encourage your partner to request an appointment with Mosaic for a free pregnancy test and free ultrasound scan, or call us to schedule time to meet with a Male Mentor in our Lansdowne office.

Not facing an unplanned pregnancy? Mosaic also offers STI Testing and Treatment for men at no-cost. Appointments and results are private and confidential. Call 703-729-1123 to schedule today.