my girlfriend is pregnant


Worry. Anxiety. Panic. 

All these emotions must be running through your head right now.  Neither of you expected a pregnancy to happen.  You are both scared out of your minds, but now is not the time to panic or quickly make a decision that will affect you both for the rest of your lives.  Understandably, you’re worried about your future and hers. My girlfriend is pregnant? How can this be happening?

Stop. Think. Breathe. 

Take a deep breath.  Try to calm down. Your girlfriend is looking to you for support and guidance whether she says it or not.  Don’t let your friends, or advice from a stranger on the Internet tell you what to do right now. You have the power to be strong for yourself and your girlfriend as you stop and take time to carefully consider the options and what’s best for both of you.

Mosaic-Virginia is a safe and caring place and our services are FREE.  No matter what the situation you and your girlfriend are in, you are not alone. There’s no judgement here.  Encourage your girlfriend to make an appointment and let us help you both figure this thing out.  Hearing ‘my girlfriend is pregnant’ can be a little less scary, we’re here to help!