Your sexual health is an important part of your future, your personal dignity, and how you think about yourself. Decisions and actions with your relationships can create stability in your life, or not.

Caring for your sexuality contributes to your physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual well-being. Healthy relationships provide the balance in all this.

You deserve to learn about what will help you successfully reach your future dreams and goals.

Consequences of decisions can change your life completely, whether an unplanned pregnancy, or exposure to sexually transmitted disease.

Take a step back and consider your relationships.  Are they with people who want the very best for you?  Do you trust them?  Are they people you envision being part of your future?

Get factual, unbiased information for yourself about sexually transmitted disease by visiting the Center for Disease Control website at  or schedule time to learn about the effects of casual sex on the brain from our Sexual Integrity education team. Mosaic offer’s private counseling as well as group counseling and education. Call 703-729-1123 to schedule today.