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At Mosaic Virginia, we believe that you owe it to yourself to be fully informed and to make the best decisions for yourself. If you are concerned you may have contracted an STI, we are ready to help with free testing and treatment.
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No Cost STI Testing & Treatment

  • Limited sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing and treatment is available.
  • A trained registered nurse will administer laboratory-grade STI testing.
  • We will phone you back with test results within 5-7 days.
  • If the test is positive, the nurse will offer no-cost treatment.
  • Retesting, upon completion of treatment will be offered.

Sexually transmitted infections are passed from person to person during sexual activity (e.g. vaginal, oral, and anal sex, outercourse, or mutual masturbation). STIs can be transmitted through bodily fluids and, in some cases, skin-to-skin contact.

It’s important to remember that not everyone infected with an STI will experience signs or symptoms. But STIs can still cause severe damage and can be passed to your partner(s) without your knowledge. You don’t need to be experiencing symptoms to be contagious. You can spread the disease at any time.

STDs and STIs… What’s the difference?

The terms STD (sexually transmitted disease) and STI (sexually transmitted infection) are often used interchangeably, but do you know the difference?

The term “STI” (sexually transmitted infection) is used to describe the presence of an infection in the body, which may or may not be accompanied by symptoms. The term “STD” (sexually transmitted diseases) on the other hand, describes an infection that has caused damage in a person’s body—though, like sexually transmitted infections, an STD may or may not be accompanied by symptoms.

STI is the broader of the two terms. All STDs are STIs, though not all STIs become STDs.

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You are not alone in your journey and we can help!

We are a non-profit medical organization serving those concerned about a potential STI. Because we have community support, all services are offered at no cost. All client information is private and confidential.

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