Free Pregnancy & Parenting Classes

Pregnancy and parenting are filled with lots of uncertainty. Finding yourself in an unplanned pregnancy situation means that many times you are not prepared. Finances can be a major stress point for many families and single parents. You are not alone!

You may be doubting how you can take care of a baby or raise a child on your own. Know that it’s not impossible. Our Earn While You Learn and Lifestyle Classes help to answer many of the questions you have and ease your anxiety.

Once you enroll in Earn While You Learn you are connected with a personal advocate who takes the time to learn about your emotional, material, and educational needs and creates a program specifically for you.

Earn While You Learn (Lifestyle Classes)

Having lots of pregnancy and parenting questions is normal when navigating an unplanned pregnancy. You may have questions like…

  • “How do I take care of a newborn?”
  • “What kind of car seat do I buy?”
  • “How often should I feed my baby?”
  • “How do I bond with my child?”

Our programs include certified counselors, specializing in pregnancy, personal, relationship, and family counseling. Earn While You Learn (lifestyle classes) is available to parents and families at no cost. 

Not only will you learn about labor and delivery, parenting skills, and life skills, but following each hour-long appointment, you’ll receive “Mosaic” dollars that you will be able to shop within our “baby boutique.”

You can purchase diapers and wipes, diaper bags, baby wash and towels, baby clothes NB-2T, baby shoes, socks and booties, formula, blankets, breast pumps, strollers, brand new car seats, changing tables, and more!

To enroll in the Earn While You Learn program email or schedule a free appointment today to learn more about our classes available!

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