Think She’s Pregnant? Get Answers!

An unplanned pregnancy may seem like a woman’s choice, but it is more than that. Your life will never be the same as well. 

Men are affected by abortion, parenting, and adoption choices. You have an opportunity to come alongside your partner, listen to her, and be in this pregnancy together. You can play an important role.

Encourage your partner to request an appointment with Mosaic for a pregnancy test and ultrasound scan. If you’re thinking “She’s Pregnant, Now What?”, contact us to meet with a Male Mentor in our Lansdowne office.

No Cost Pregnancy Services & Help

  • Find out for sure that she’s pregnant before making any decisions or rushing to any conclusions. Mosaic Virginia offers lab-grade pregnancy testing and confirmation at no cost to her.
  • Talk with her and listen to her. Ask her how she’s feeling and listen for ways you can help. Most importantly, simply be there for her. Sometimes, the best way to help is to just be present with her.
  • Talk with the people who care about both of your well-being. In addition to keeping the lines of communication open between the two of you, it can also be helpful to discuss the situation with parents and others who are invested in your lives. In some cases, keeping the pregnancy and your emotions a secret can add stress at a time when staying calm is necessary.
  • Learn about where she can go for help during her unplanned pregnancy. Encourage her to explore all of her pregnancy options before making a decision. Mosaic Virginia provides free pregnancy options counseling to women and men in our community. Offer to come with her to the appointment if she would like you to.
  • Be honest with her and yourself. Own and share at all times how you feel. You’ll be surprised at how much it will help her to know that you may share the same concerns.

Discuss Your Options

At Mosaic, our volunteer Male Mentors are available to meet and discuss pregnancy options in a private, confidential setting. We also offer a no-cost, ongoing Male Mentor program for first-time fathers or existing fathers looking for extra support and parental education.

We are a non-profit medical organization serving women facing unplanned pregnancies. Because we have community support, all services are offered at no cost. All client information is private and confidential.

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